FAR ASSOCIATES                                                 Residential Structural Engineering

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About Us

Fernando Rivera, the founder and principal engineer of FAR Associates, has been a Licensed Engineer in California since 1991. He holds a Bachelors in Civil Engineering and a Masters of Engineering with emphasis in Structural and Geotechnical Engineering from U.C. Berkeley. Fernando has experience in structural and foundation engineering and in project management. He has worked for over 7 years with consulting engineering firms, such as Dames & Moore Inc. Since founding FAR Associates, he has designed hundreds of residential projects focusing on structural safety, peace of mind and customer satisfaction.

Fernando is originally from Peru. He came to California for graduate school and decided to stay in the Bay Area. He is also a Certified Yoga Instructor and teaches Restorative Yoga and Yoga for Seniors. In addition to Yoga, he enjoys doing Biodanza (the dance of life) and
salsa dancing.